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1-Bromo-5-chloropent; 5-BROMOPENTYL CHLORIDE;5-CHLOROPENTYL BROMIDE;1-bromo-5-chloro-pentan; 1-BROMO-5-CHLOROPENTANE; 1-Chloro-5-bromopentane; Pentane, 1-bromo-5-chloro-; 1-Bromo-5-chloropentane; PENTAMETHYLENE CHLOROBROMIDE; 1-BroMo-5-chloropentane, 1-Bromo-5-chloropentane, 98%

Technical Data

CAS Number: 54512-75-3
Molecular Formula: Cl(CH2)5Br
Molecular Weight: 185.49
Beilstein Registry Number: 1732341
EC Number: 259-193-7
PubChem Substance ID#: 24854319