Sodium Glycocholate (Glycocholic Acid Sodium Salt)


glycocholatesodium; sodium glycocholate; sodium glycyl-cholate;
glycocholatesodiumsalt; monosodiumglycocholicacid;
taurodeoxycholate hydrate; glycocholic acid sodium salt;
n-cholylglycine sodium salt; n-choloyl-glycinmonosodiumsalt

Technical Data

CAS Number: 863-57-0
Molecular Formula: C26H42NO6•Na
Molecular Weight: 487.60

FabriChem Specifications

DescriptionWhite to white creamed powder odorless or practically odorless
Clarity of Solution
(C = 2.5% w/v in water)
n.m.t. ref. sol. II (Ph. Eur. III)
Color of Solution
(C = 2.5% w/v in water)
n.m.t. ref. sol. B9 (Ph. Eur. III)

Water Content (by K.F.)7.0% Max.
Specific Optical Rotation
(C = 1% w/v in water)
+ 28.0° to + 31.0° (o.d.b.)
Assay (on dry basis)98.5 – 101.0%
Residue on Ignition12.5% - 14.0%
Heavy Metals20 ppm Max.
Related Substances (by TLC):
Sodium Cholate1.0% Max.
Sodium Glycodeoxycholate0.3% Max.
Sodium Glycilglycocholate1.0% Max.
Glycine0.5% Max.
Other Unidentified Related Substances (total)0.5% Max.

Molecular Structure



Sodium Glycocholate (Glycocholic Acid Sodium Salt) is a biochemical formed by the conjugation of cholic acid with glycine.