Ethyl Linoleate 70%


linoleic acid ethyl ester

Technical Data

CAS Number: 544-35-4
Molecular Formula: CHM3(CH2)3(CH2CH=CH)2(CH2)7COOC2H5
Molecular Weight: 308.50
Beilstein Registry Number: 1727827
EC Number: 208-868-4

FabriChem Specifications

AppearanceClear Colorless Liquid
OdorSlight, Characteristic
Acid ValueMax 0.5
Specific Gravity at 20ºC0.870 - 0.890
Refractive Index at 20ºC1.455 - 1.465
Saponification Value180 - 200
Iodine Value115 - 145
Fatty Acid Distribution % by GLC:
Ethyl LinoleateMin 70.0%
Palmitic Acid6.0 – 10.0%
Stearic Acid1.5 – 3.8%
Oleic Acid9.0 -18.0%
Linoleic Acid70.0 – 82.0%
Linolenic AcidMax. 1.5%

Molecular Structure



Ethyl Linoleate is reported to accelerate the healing of wounds & clinically proven to be an effective anti-acne agent. It is also reported to correct follicular keratinization, reduce sebum production, lighten skin pigmentation, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.