1,2,6 Hexane Triol


1, 2, 6-hexanetriol; 1,2,6-trihydroxyhexane; 1,2,6 trihydroxy hexane,
97% (GC); (1,2,6 hexanetriol 97%)

Technical Data

CAS Number: 106-69-4
Molecular Formula: HO(CH2)4CH(OH)CH2OH
Molecular Weight: 134.17
Beilstein Registry Number: 1304479
EC Number: 203-424-6

FabriChem Specifications

AppearanceClear light yellow colored viscous liquid
Infrared SpectrometryAuthentic
Separt. Techn. (GC)97.0% Min.
Water (K.F.)0.20% Max.
pH (30% sol, 20ºC)4 – 7
Refractive Index
(20º C, 589 nm)
1.475 to 1.477
Appearance of Sol.
(10% in ethanol)
Clear, slightly yellow
Additional InfoThe product may solidify at ca. 32º C

Molecular Structure



1,2,6 Hexane Triol has been used mainly in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations and in a wide variety of applications in the plastics industry. 1,2,6 Hexane Triol finds use as a versatile solvent or constituent of mixtures and in a variety of chemical coupling reactions of particular importance in the resin and plastics industry.

In the cosmetics industry, 1,2,6 Hexane Triol can be used for skin conditioning – as a humectant and emollient.

1,2,6-Hexanetriol has an interesting combination of attractive properties, including being a liquid polyol, having a high boiling point, and being stable and non-toxic.