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Betaine Anhydrous (Natural Sugar Beet Extract)

FabriChem Specifications

AppearanceYellow crystalline powder
B. Infrared Absorption

Melting Point60 – 62°C
Solubility (1N NaOH)Clear & Pale Yellow
Residue on Ignition0.10% Max.
Heavy Metals10 ppm Max.
Chloride0.07% Max.
Loss on Drying
(Vacuum 40°C 3hr)
0.20% Max.
Assay (by HPLC, USP Method)99.0% - 101.0%
Specific Optical Rotation1° to +1°
Chromatographic Purity (Test 1)
A. Individual Impurity
B. Total Impurities

A. 0.1% Max.
B. 2.0% Max.
Chromatographic Purity (Test 2)2.0% Max.
Residual Solvents (by GC):
Toluene30 ppm Max.
Ethyl Acetate0.20% Max.
Cyclohexane0.20% Max.
Total Aerobic Count1,000 CFU/g Max.
Yeast & Mold100 CFU/g Max.
E. ColiNot Detectable
SalmonellaNot Detectable


Betaine is a naturally occurring nutrient found in most plants and animals; it serves as an osmolyte that protects against dehydration & stress associated with cell water loss. NutriScience’s Natural Sugar Beet Extract is derived from Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris) using a water extraction method.


• Offers excellent moisturizing properties while reducing stickiness in personal care products
• May help to reduce irritation while leaving the skin and hair feeling soft and smooth
• Personal Care: Hand sanitizer application (without stickiness), moisturizer, hair care, shampoo, conditioner, creams & lotions, after shave, soap bars and deodorant
• pH and heat stable up to 200°C
• Kosher and Halal