Guanidine Thiocyanate


guanidinium rhodanide; guanidinium thiocyanate

Technical Data

CAS Number: 593-84-0
Molecular Formula: NH2C(=NH)NH2 · HSCN
Molecular Weight: 118.16
Beilstein Registry Number: 3563461
EC Number: 209-812-1

FabriChem Specifications

AppearanceColorless crystals
(35% ig aq. Solution)
Clear, colorless
Content 99.0 % Min.
Melting Point 118 – 121 °C
pH (1M) 5.0 – 7.0
Water 0.3 % Max.
Iron 1 mg/kg Max.
Ammonium 0.1 % Max.
Ash (Sulfated) 0.05 % Max.
UV-Abs. (280 nm)
(35% aq. Sol.)
0.40 Max.
UV-Abs. (300 nm)
(35 % aq. Sol.)
0.05 Max.

Molecular Structure



Guanidine Thiocyanate, or Guanidinium Thiocyanate (GITC), is a chemical compound used as a general protein denaturant, being a chaotropic agent, although it is most commonly used in the extraction of DNA and RNA. Guanidinium thiocyanate is also used to lyse cells and virus particles in RNA and DNA extractions, where its function, in addition to its lysing action, is to prevent activity of RNase enzymes and DNase enzymes by denaturing them. These enzymes would otherwise damage the extract. A commonly used method is guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction.