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Sodium Cyanate


cyanic acid, sodium salt; sodiumcyanate

Technical Data

CAS Number: 917-61-3
Molecular Formula: NaOCN
Molecular Weight: 65.01
Beilstein Registry Number: 3655041
EC Number: 213-030-6

FabriChem Specifications

Chemical FormulaNaOCN
Molecular Weight65.01
Physical AppearanceWhite powder
(g/100g H2O)
10 g at 25º C
PurityMin. 90.0%
Free Salt
(As Na2CO3)
Max. 10.0%
pH of Sol. in H2O
(5 Wt %)
10.0 to 11.0
Loss on Drying
(3 hr at 110°C)
Max. 0.50%

Molecular Structure



Sodium Cyanate is a white crystalline solid and is an ideal nucleophile. Its nucleophilic properties make it a major contributor to the stereospecificity in certain reactions such as in the production of chiral oxazolidone. Sodium cyanate is also a useful reagent.