Potassium Iodide USP/FCC


Hydroiodic acid, potassium salt; Iodide of potash; Potide; Lugol; Lugol’s Solution; Lugol’s Iodine; Iodide

Technical Data

CAS Number: 7681-11-0
Molecular Formula: KI
Molecular Weight: 166.00
Beilstein Registry Number: 81853
EC Number: 231-659-4

FabriChem Specifications

DescriptionWhite, odorless crystals
SolubilityTo pass test
Free Alkali0.1% Max.
Identification ATo pass test
Identification BTo pass test
Loss on Dying0.50% Max.
Iodate (IO3)4 ppm Max.
Thiosulfate & BariumTo pass test
AlkalinityTo pass test
Nitrite, Nitrate & AmmoniaTo pass test
Organic Volatile ImpuritiesTo pass test
Heavy Metals (as Pb)0.001% Max.
Lead (Pb)4 ppm Max.
Arsenic (As)3 ppm Max.
Assay (dried basis)99.0 - 101.5%



Potassium Iodide is used to support thyroid health. Potassium Iodide has an anti-radiation application used to protect the thyroid gland.