Potassium Glycerophosphate (PGP)


glycerophosphoric acid; k;kaliumglycerophophat-lung;dipotassium glyceryl phosphate;
(+/-)-dipotassium glycerophosphate;rac-glycero-3-phosphate dipotassium salt;
dipotassium 2,3-dihydroxypropyl phosphate; dl-alpha-glycerol phosphate dipotassium salt;
1,2,3-propanetriol, mono(dihydrogen phosphate), dipotassium salt

Technical Data

CAS Number: 1319-69-3
Molecular Formula: C3H7K2O6P, 3H2O
Molecular Weight: 248.25

FabriChem Specifications

AppearanceLight Yellowish Powder
DiluentRice Flour
Loss on Drying6.0% Max.
Heavy Metals
(as Pb)
10 ppm Max.
Assay as Potassium10.0% Min.
Assay as PGP
(as C3H7K2O6, 3H20)
40.0% Min.
Total Viable Aerobic Bacterial Count1,000 CFU/g Max.
Total Combined Yeasts and Mold Count100 CFU/g Max.
E. ColiAbsent / 10 g
PseudomonasAbsent / 10 g
SalmonellaAbsent / 10 g
Staphylococcus AureusAbsent / 10g

Molecular Structure



Potassium Glycerophosphate is supplied by FabriChem as part of its product line of Glycerophosphates, which provide 100% water soluble mineral fortification with enhanced bioavailability (tasteless/odorless).