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Ethyl Triphenyl Phoshonium Bromide


TEP; Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide;
Triphenylethylphosphonium bromide; Phosphonium,
ethyltriphenyl-, bromide; Ethyltriphenylphosphoniumbromide

Technical Data

CAS Number: 1530-32-1
Molecular Formula: C20H20BrP
Molecular Weight: 371.25
Beilstein Registry Number: 3599630
EC Number: 216-223-3

FabriChem Specifications

DescriptionWhite crystalline powder
Triphenyl Phosphonium Salts 0.5% Max.
Triphenyl Phosphine and Phosphonium Oxide (by HPLC) 1.0% Max.
(5% w/v solution in water)
25 Max.
Loss on Drying 0.5% Max.
Ash0.3% Max.
Assay (on dry basis)0.99% Min.
Melting Point~ 208° C

Molecular Structure



Ethyl Triphenyl Phoshonium Bromide can also be a reactant for solid-state metathesis polycondensation to form alkyl-dipropenylthiophene monomers; and can also be used as a reactant for synthesis of D-amino acids from L-cysteine-derived thiazolidines.