Zinc Phenolsulfonate Octahydrate NF


zinc phenolsulfonate octahydrate; zinc sulfocarbolate;
zinc phenolsulfonate; zine phenol sulphonate

Technical Data

CAS Number: 127-82-2
Molecular Formula: Zn(HOC6H4SO3)2 · 8H2O
Molecular Weight: 555.85
EC Number: 204.867-8

FabriChem Specifications

IdentificationPasses Test
Assay99.5 — 104.5%
Sulfate0.04% Max.
Arsenic 0.001% Max.

Molecular Structure



Zinc Phenolsulfonate Octahydrate is a colorless to white crystalline solid which turns pink on exposure to air. Zinc Phenolsulfonate is soluble in water and has been used as an insecticide and in medicine. Zinc Phenolsulfonate behaves as a weak acid in solution, therefore, it would react with bases in neutralization reactions that would generate heat.