Sodium p-Toluene Sulfonate


p-toluenesulfonic acid sodium salt; sodiumtosylate; sodium tosylate;
tosylate,sodium; sodium p-tosylate; toluene sulfonate; naxonate;
naxonatehydrotrope; sodium p-toluenesulf; tosic acid sodium salt;
sodiump-tolylsulfonate; Naxonate hydrotrope;
para-Toluenesulfonic acid, sodium salt;
p-Toluenesulfonic acid, sodium salt;
sodium 4-methylbenzene-1-sulfonate;
sodium 4-toluenesulfonate; Sodium paratoluene sulphonate;
sodium paratoluenesulfonate; Sodium p-methylbenzenesulfonate;
sodium p-toluene sulfonate; Sodium p-Toluenesulfonate;
sodium p-toluenesulphonate; Sodium p-tolyl sulfonate;
sodium p-tolyl sulphonate; sodium p-tolylsulfonate;
sodium toluene-4-sulfonate; Sodium toluene-4-sulphonate;
Sodium toluene-p-sulphonate; Sodium Toluenesulfonate;
Sodium toluenesulphonate; sodium;4-methylbenzenesulfonate;
sodiump-toluenesulfonate; Toluene-4-sulfonic acid sodium salt

Technical Data

CAS Number: 657-84-1
Molecular Formula: C7H7NaO3S
Molecular Weight: 194.18
Beilstein Registry Number: 3637479
EC Number: 211-522-5

FabriChem Specifications

AppearanceWhite crystalline
Actives78.00% Min.
Chloride2.00% Max.
Sulfate6.00% Max.
pH (1% Solution)7 - 8
Moisture14.00% Max.

Molecular Structure



Sodium p-toluenesulfonate was used as a supporting electrolyte for depositing polypyrrole membranes. It has also been used as a solute to study the performance of resin particles.