FabriChem Promotes New Products for Coatings Industry

FabriChem is excited to now be promoting two new products – Dimethylolbutanoic Acid (DMBA) & Dimethylolpropionic Acid (DMPA).

Dimethylolpropionic Acid (DMPA)
CAS #: 4767-03-7

Dimethylolpropionic acid is a trifunctional compound having two primary hydroxyl groups and one tertiary carboxylic group. The carboxylic acid group is less reactive and dimethylolpropionic acid often reacts as a diol.

The free acid group actively promotes:

• Resin water solubility or water dispersibility after neutralization with a base;
• Easily introduces a polar group to improve coasting adhesion and synthetic fiber dye receptivity;
• Increases the alkali solubility of deposited films.

Dimethylolpropionic Acid (DMPA) Applications:

Polyurethane dispersions – an important class of polymer dispersion that can be used in many applications such as coatings for wood finishing, glass fiber sizing, adhesives, automotive topcoats, and other applications. Dimethylolpropionic acid is often used to provide carboxylate functional group and provide good hydrophilic character for the polyurethane polymer.

Water-soluble alkyd and polyester resins — dimethylolpropionic acid improves hydrolytic stability, minimizes coupling solvent and improves early water spot resistance in air dried resins.

Powder coatings — dimethylolpropionic acid is used as a modifier for improved gloss, impact resistance and flow properties in epoxy-polyester systems and so improves coating flexibility.

Epoxy ester coatings — dimethylolpropionic acid improves cure response or larger strengths and makes resins water soluble.

Electrodeposition coatings — dimethylolpropionic acid is used as a neutralizing acid for cathodic electrodeposition and as a source of free acid groups in formulating anodic electrodeposition resins.

Chemical intermediates — as intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, perfumes and dyes.

Dimethylolbutanoic Acid (DMBA)
CAS #: 10097-02-6

Dimethylolbutanoic Acid (DMBA) is a new product for FabriChem, and is available in two grades:

Regular: standard grade Dimethylolbutanoic Acid
Low Sodium: ideal grade for applications requiring insulation (i.e. insulated films & coatings)

Dimethylolbutanoic Acid (DMBA) Applications:

• Polyurethane dispersions
• Water soluble alkyds and polyester resins
• Coatings
• Printing inks
• Chemical intermediates